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Xhud  by Peaches


A TF2 HUD designed by Peaches to serve as an environment to develop innovative ideas and techniques into a final product that streamlines useful information for experienced players.

More Questions? Looking for development documentation? Head over to the Xhud Wiki.

Please do not commission others to edit my HUD. Others are welcome to edit the HUD voluntarily, but others should not profit off my HUD.


Framework for materials, icons, and general color scheme: Hypnotize’s various HUDs
Inspiration for optimization and more efficient code formatting: Hypnotize’s LightHud
Technical TF2 insight & code contributions: Horse and their projects
Source of many innovative ideas: JarateKing’s HUD documentation
Closed caption framework: Clovervidia’s custom captions
Xhud logo creation: NuclearCore
Math Consultant: Popalofiti
Support & testing: The unsponsored Sponsored by Xhud roster

Tags:  minimal


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


Capture the Flag
Control Point
King of the Hill
Payload Race
Player Destruction
Special Delivery
Territorial Control